SKF Removable Fork Mud Sraper Kit 48mm WP


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Product Description

Mud scraper kit for motorcycle forks 

Fork Mud Scraper Kit reduces contamination in the harshest conditions

An innovative, ready-to-use solution for off-road two wheelers that is designed to be positioned above the fork without the need to dismount the front end from the bike. It prevents contamination from mud and the resulting abrasion, thus ensuring the rider’s safety by improving performance of the fork and the operating conditions of the seal. The kit includes two fork mud scrapers, cotter pins for fastening and a detailed instruction leaflet. 


  • Under extremely muddy conditions, the mud scraper prevents dirt entering the 
  • fork, enhancing the fork seal life and the performance of the other fork components
  • Special features to prevent contamination from being retained within the system
  • Low friction SKF techno-polymer compound
  • Withstands UV-light


  • Reduced wear of the fork stanchion 
  • Effectively cleans dried mud from the stanchion
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection
  • Easy assembly and removal “in-field”, no dismounting of the fork or wheel 
  • Low and constant friction


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