RFX Race Kill Button (OEM Replica) Suzuki RM80/85 89-16 RM125/250 89-05 RMZ250/450 04-06


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Product Description

RFX Race Series Switch Gear


RFX Race Series kill buttons are an exact OEM replacement part. Complete with the

same couplings, fasteners, connectors and exact cable lengths as the genuine part.

Available for a wide variety of bikes.


  • OEM replacement
  • Accepts all original connectors
  • OEM cable length


Tag Line


OEM Replica



Fitting Instructions


  • Start      by removing the front number plate.
  • Carefully      snip any cable ties holding the start and stop switch cables to the bars      then un-screw the clamps and let these hang down.
  • Locate      the connector for the switch on the bike, these are often close by to the      headstock on the chassis but sometimes can be under the tank.
  • Unclip      the connector and remove the switch taking a note of the routing for the      wiring.
  • Clean      the connector using contact cleaner such as Maxima Electrical Contact      cleaner.
  • Loosely      attach the new switch on to the handlebars in the desired position.
  • Route      the wires as per the old switch and clip the connector together.
  • Check      all free pay in the wires by turning the bars to full extension and making      sure the wires don’t pull tight, adjust if necessary.
  • Re-fit      cable ties to the wires if possible positioning the cables to the back of      the bars to prevent damage from roost.
  • Re-fit      your number plate.


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