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Supersprox -stealth (tri-metal) sprockets were born from a desire to create the highest quality and most technologically advanced sprockets in the world. The Supersprox sprocket -stealth (tri-metal) is a combination of long lasting steel and lightweight aluminium that utilises the best of both materials. The idea was first developed to satisfy the requirement of American drag racers, who traditionally use steel construction sprockets, because aluminium sprocket teeth can not survive the high torque delivered through the chain drive system. But steel sprockets are very heavy. Supersprox engineers conceived and developed the combination of the two materials in 2000-2001. The sprockets were first used on the bikes of European World Championship (Factory) riders with the likes of Husqvarna World Enduro team. These teams and riders know how this type of technology can offer them prolonged system performance and reduced power loss. Supersprox have counted 6 world titles since that time.

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Fitment –

Beta RR 2T 250 / 300 – 2013 – 2017

Beta RR 4T 350 / 380 / 430 / 480 – 2013 – 2017

Beta RR 2T 300 Xtrainer – 2015 – 2017


Why are Supersprox -stealth (tri-metal) sprockets better than steel sprockets?
At Supersprox we care about the weight and of course, we care about the power. We also believe that sprockets made entirely from steel are too heavy. So, keep the steel teeth and replace the inner section with another lighter material. We have tested several materials and in the end we came to the conclusion that aluminium offered the best strength weight ratio for the inner part of the sprocket. We use aerospace aluminium to produce the inner section of the sprocket, because of its high impact strength. The inner section is virtually indestructible. The inner sections are machined on CNC machining centres for accuracy, so they will run perfectly on your bike. This inner section is then coated with a 15 μm film of organic based anti corrosion material. This prevents oxidization (the cause of pitting) and ensures your sprocket will not come loose on the wheel hub.

Why are Supersprox -stealth (tri-metal) sprockets better than Aluminium sprockets?
While sprockets made from aluminium are light, there can be two problems that show up after some use. Firstly the tooth profile will change very quickly because of wear. The slightly worn sprocket will not engage with the chain properly and it will cause drag. The chain drag will drain power from your bike. You can loose as much as 5 BHP after only 40 minutes riding. Carbon steel teeth – last at least 3x longer than 7075 aluminum sprocket teeth, so your drive system will last longer and run more smoothly. Add to this the Supersprox unique tooth design, which helps the chain stay in contact for longer and you have a fantastic life versus weight combination.

Can the hard steel teeth damage my chain?
There are many misunderstandings about chain and sprocket systems. We have heard people say that the steel sprocket will damage a chain. This is absolutely wrong and misleading information. Steel on steel works perfectly well.
(Think about bearings for example. They are steel on steel and that is what you would expect.)
The rollers of the chain are a little harder than the teeth of the sprocket and these two very hard materials help to reduce friction. There is a much higher friction factor between a steel chain and an aluminium sprocket. The steel outer ring on the Supersprox sprocket -stealth (tri-metal) offers greater life for your whole system, not just the rear sprockets, but the chain and front sprocket as well. You can expect an increased system life of up to 3x that of a system using an alloy rear sprocket.

Are the rivets strong enough?
There is no doubt; our rivet material is just the best for fixing such a high performance sprocket. We have learned to use this technology to forge rivets into the sprockets. Over time we have moved from domed rivets to flat rivets and now the rivets only protrude 1.3 mm from the surface of the sprocket. They will not affect the running of your bike in any way. Forging increases the strength of the rivets. A small 8mm steel bar is forged into the sprocket and it has the strength of a 18 mm bolt. We learned this technology from the aerospace industry where they rivet the 7075 or titanium plates onto fighter jets wings. We have never had one single rivet break since starting to produce these sprockets and as of April 2005 we have used more than 1,200,000 rivets. The rivets are perfection.

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