ATLAS Broll Collar Black – KIDS


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By creating a marriage of a neck brace and neck roll, we developed an entirely new product. First timers and young children are developing skills faster than ever, and with that they are experiencing extreme risks even at a very young age. Since these risks are ever increasing, we decided to build a product that can help keep them protected, but has been specifically designed for the lower level impact forces they encounter, along with ease of use across various sports like motocross, downhill mountain biking, bmx, etc. Creating a hybrid device does not mean sacrifices have to be made. The Broll is crafted out of our flexible and unbreakable High Impact Polypropylene, along with new lightweight and super tough injection molded padding.


  • Half plastic/half injection molded foam
  • Plastic creates strength, structure, and back support
  • Tough foam front to help absorb lower level Hyper Flexion impacts while maintaining comfort
  • Curved shape over the shoulder to reduce excess brace movement while riding
  • Easy push button kids can operate on their own
  • Durable and repeatable in any weather
  • Tough High Impact Polypropylene construction
  • Ultra lightweight and tough padding
  • Refined simplicity for an unmatched experience
    Colour – Black