EVS TP199 Knee Guard Back In Stock !!!


Back In Stock !!!

The very popular (Probably the most popular Knee Protection on the market) EVS TP199 Knee Guard is back in stock at Matt Pope Motorcycles.

Designed specifically for Travis Pastrana, the TP199 Knee Pad offers everything for the rider looking for complete support without the bulk of a traditional knee brace. They are perfect for both the motocross track and off-road riders.

Key Features :

Polyflex Shin Guard

A form fitting polymer material provides added shin protection.

Trac Grip

Sticky silicone grippers are strategically placed in key positions to help hold a Knee Brace or Knee Pad in place, limiting uncomfortable migration.

KS199 Knee Sleeve

An inner sleeve provides the knee additional support and stability


Reactive Memory Foam is soft and pliable in its natural state but hardens when force is applied to it, providing a protective barrier.

Air Mesh

Perforated fabric allows air to flow unimpeded while still providing protection from abrasion and sunlight.