Model Description


Featuring confident handling, Kawasaki KLX140R  2023 motorcycles are the perfect entry into off-road riding. The easy-to-ride KLX140R lineup offers a 144cc engine, plush suspension, and push-button electric start, making for great trailblazers.

Confident Handling

A lightweight box-section perimeter frame from high-tensile steel provides exceptional rigidity and strength. The narrow profile contributes to an easier grip and smoother movement on the bike. Working together, the suspension and lightweight chassis deliver the handling that exudes confidence.

The Kawasaki KLX140R  2023 trail bike features larger wheels (19F, 16R), taller seat height (800 mm), and higher 255mm ground clearance, while the KLX140R F trail bike features full-size wheels (21F, 18R) and 315mm ground clearance.

Smooth Power

The high-revving, 144cc, air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine easily starts with the push of a button. Air-cooling eliminates the need for radiators, keeping the chassis slim and lightweight while a 5-speed transmission with manual clutch delivers smooth shifting and acceleration.


Front and rear disc brakes provide strong progressive stopping power. The 220mm front petal disc with a dual-piston caliper is complemented by a 186mm* rear petal disc with a single-piston caliper, inspiring confidence on the trails.

KLX140R F rear disc is ø190 mm
Displacement: 144 cm³
Maximum power: 5.4 kW {7.3 PS} / 7,500 rpm


kawasaki klx140 finger follower

The engine with finger-follower valve actuation boasts an increase in peak power of approximately 2.5 kW (3.4 PS) from the previous generation, while a flatter torque curve makes it easier to get on the gas.

Finger-follower valve actuation enables a higher rev limit and more aggressive cams for harder-hitting power.



Adjustable footpeg mountings enable riders to lower their footpeg position by 5 mm. In the bottom position, the centre of gravity is lowered as is the rider’s eye line, providing both physical and psychological advantages.


kawasaki klx140 COIL-SPRING FORK

Handling suspension duties up front is a Kashima coated high-performance Ø 49 mm inverted coil-spring fork by SHOWA. The large-diameter inner tubes (the same size as on our factory racers) enable the use of large damping pistons, delivering smooth action and firm damping.


kawasaki klx140 WINNING ENGINE

Powerful, high-revving 249 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single with factory-racer engine tuning. Boasting an increase in peak power of approximately 2.4 kW (3.3 PS) and stronger high RPM performance.

The engine with finger-follower valve actuation boasts an increase in peak power of approximately 2.5 kW (3.4 PS) from the previous generation, while a flatter torque curve makes it easier to get on the gas.

Kawasaki motorcycles possess both power and grace so are often recognised as being different to other bikes. This results from certain guiding principles adopted at the design stage. Rideology is Kawasaki’s rider-centric development philosophy focused on how the riding experience offered by a Kawasaki is crafted, ensuring that our machines are fun to ride and rewarding to control. This approach has been the force behind many of our legendary machines, and in our pursuit of all possibilities it will continue to guide the future creation of Kawasaki motorcycles.

To compete, to race, to win - that is the ambition of every motocross rider, right up to those talented individuals who dominate their chosen racing class to reach the pinnacle of success.


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Model Specification

  • Engine

    Engine type

    Air-cooled, 4-stroke Single



    Bore x stroke

    58 x 54.4 mm

    Compression ratio


    Valve/Induction system

    SOHC, 2 valves

    Fuel system

    Carburettor, PB20 (Keihin)


    Digital DC-CDI


    Electric starter

  • Transmission



    Final Drive


    Primary reduction ratio

    2.880 (72/25)

    Gear ratios: 1st

    2.667 (40/15)

    Gear ratios: 2nd

    1.895 (36/19)

    Gear ratios: 3rd

    1.474 (28/19)

    Gear ratios: 4th

    1.182 (26/22)

    Gear ratios: 5th

    Final reduction ratio

    3.571 (50/14)


    Wet multi-disc

  • Frame

    Frame type


    Wheel travel - front

    180 mm

    Wheel travel - rear

    180 mm

    Tyre - front

    70/100-17 40M

    Tyre - rear

    90/100-14 49M

    Steering angle - left / right

    45 / 45

  • Suspension

    Suspension - front

    Suspension - rear

  • Brakes

    Brakes - front

    Brakes - rear

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions (L x W x H)

    1,820 x 790 x 1,050 mm


    1,260 mm

    Seat height

    780 mm

    Fuel capacity

    5.8 Litres

    Curb Mass

    93 kg