The wait is over. The all new Kawsaki KX 450 2024 Model is now available at Matt Pope Motorcycles

The KX legacy created a long line of champions. The drive to produce more has not slowed down. Our all-new flagship race machine, the KX450 motorcycle, offers next-level engineering and power to dominate the track. Over the decades, we’ve learned what it takes to win and stay on top. The KX450 embodies this legacy to the fullest.

Priced at just £7624.17 Excl VAT (£9149 Inc VAT)

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Now In Stock at Matt Pope Motorcycles EVS Slayco96 Knee Guard.

The Slayco96 knee guard promotes increased endurance with less fatigue, allows for maximum airflow, the ability to squeeze and feel the bike, ability to go lower into corners with more leg flexibility, and generally more mobility on the bike. A favorite among freestyle mx, motocross and dual sport riders alike.

Explicitly designed for—and with input from—Axell Hodges, Slayco96 knee guard features EVS RMF (Reactive Memory Foam) Technology for a soft and pliable pad that stiffens upon impact. The Slayco 96 knee guard promotes increased endurance with less fatigue, allows for maximum airflow, the ability to squeeze and feel the bike, ability to go lower into corners with more leg flexibility, and generally more mobility on the bike. A favorite among freestyle mx, motocross and dual sport riders alike.


  • RMF: Reactive Memory Foam is soft and pliable in its natural state but hardens when force is applied to it, providing a protective barrier that meets CE 1621-1 LEVEL 2 protection.
  • Bio Foam: Molded bio-foam bordering the knee cup and shin provides increased impact protection while the strategically placed bio-foam wing promotes bike hugging inner and outer knee protection.
  • Trac Grip: Tacky silicone grippers are strategically placed in key areas to help hold the knee pad in place and provide necessary protection when you go down.
  • Hexprene: Class-leading engineered fabric from the aviation industry, provides zonal support and maximum airflow, while still providing ample protection.
  • Moto-engineered specifically for cut and abrasion knee cover material paired with our RMF pad.
  • An additional inner sleeve provides the knee with additional support and stability.
  • CE level 2 certified


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Back In Stock !!!

The very popular (Probably the most popular Knee Protection on the market) EVS TP199 Knee Guard is back in stock at Matt Pope Motorcycles.

Designed specifically for Travis Pastrana, the TP199 Knee Pad offers everything for the rider looking for complete support without the bulk of a traditional knee brace. They are perfect for both the motocross track and off-road riders.

Key Features :

Polyflex Shin Guard

A form fitting polymer material provides added shin protection.

Trac Grip

Sticky silicone grippers are strategically placed in key positions to help hold a Knee Brace or Knee Pad in place, limiting uncomfortable migration.

KS199 Knee Sleeve

An inner sleeve provides the knee additional support and stability


Reactive Memory Foam is soft and pliable in its natural state but hardens when force is applied to it, providing a protective barrier.

Air Mesh

Perforated fabric allows air to flow unimpeded while still providing protection from abrasion and sunlight.


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The world of off-road motorcycling is synonymous with adventure, excitement, and adrenaline. One of the most sought-after brands in this realm is GasGas, a name that has carved out a reputation for delivering high-performance, rugged, and agile enduro bikes. Now, for a limited time, Matt Pope Motorcycles is offering a remarkable deal on GasGas Enduro motorcycles – VAT-free purchases! Get ready to conquer the trails without breaking the bank.

A Brand Synonymous with Performance and Durability

GasGas has been a leading name in the world of off-road motorcycles, consistently delivering high-quality and reliable machines to riders for decades. The brand’s enduro range has become a go-to choice for those seeking power, agility, and durability on even the most challenging terrains. With models catering to both novices and seasoned riders, GasGas enduro bikes are a perfect companion for off-road enthusiasts at any skill level.

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If you’ve been considering getting into off-road motorcycling or upgrading your current ride, now is the time to take advantage of this amazing VAT-free offer on GasGas Enduro motorcycles at Matt Pope Motorcycles. With unbeatable savings and the assurance of a top-quality bike from a reputable brand, there’s never been a better time to embrace the adrenaline-packed world of off-road riding.

The VAT-free GasGas Enduro deal at Matt Pope Motorcycles is a rare opportunity for off-road enthusiasts to own a high-performance, durable, and agile motorcycle at a significantly reduced price. With their expert team ready to guide you through the process, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the thrill of enduro riding. Don’t let this limited-time offer slip away – visit Matt Pope Motorcycles today and start your off-road adventure on a GasGas Enduro bike!

Enduro is a type of off-road motorcycle racing that typically takes place on a long, challenging course that includes a variety of terrains such as dirt, rocks, hills, and obstacles. The goal is to complete the course in the shortest amount of time possible, with riders being timed and ranked based on their performance.

Enduro racing often includes special tests or stages that are designed to test a rider’s skill and endurance. These tests may involve technical terrain, jumps, or other challenging features.

Enduro motorcycles are specifically designed for this type of racing, with features such as long-travel suspension, high ground clearance, and durable construction to withstand the rigors of off-road riding. They typically have a powerful engine and lightweight construction to provide speed and agility on the course.

Enduro racing is popular around the world and is often considered one of the most challenging and exciting forms of off-road racing. It requires a combination of skill, strength, and endurance to be successful, making it a popular choice for competitive riders and enthusiasts alike.

GasGas Enduro motorcycles are designed to provide high performance, durability, and agility on challenging off-road terrain. They feature lightweight construction, long-travel suspension, and powerful engines to help riders tackle a variety of obstacles and terrain.

The GasGas enduro bikes come equipped with high-quality components such as WP suspension, Brembo brakes, and a hydraulic clutch system. They also feature a variety of off-road-specific features such as handguards, skid plates, and a digital instrument panel.

GasGas Enduro motorcycles are popular among off-road riders and enthusiasts for their reliability, performance, and competitive pricing. They are designed to provide a thrilling and rewarding riding experience on the toughest off-road terrain.